About Sofian

Photography has become a passion ever since I took it up about two years ago. I may not be very good at it. But it does give me a tremendous sense of satisfaction – and I’m learning more and more each day. Maybe someday my photos will amount to something. Then again, maybe they won’t. But that’s OK, too.

My primary camera right now is a Canon 60D. Lenses that go with it: Canon 10-22mm, Canon 50mm II, Canon 85mm and a Sigma 18-200mm. My fun camera is the Lumix LX5 compact. I have loads of fun with both but in terms of convenience, the LX5 is hard to beat. Maybe someday I’ll upgrade. But right now I’ve yet outgrow the capabilities of both my cameras. Then again, I won’t mind a Fuji X100 anytime soon.

Editing is not a sin as far as I’m concerned. Most of my photos are edited in some way. I figure, whatever you do, the image is going to be edited anyway. You either do it in-camera (the camera makes the final editing decisions when it converts the data to JPEG) or you can edit it yourself using editing software at a computer (you make most of the editing decisions). Either way, what comes out of the camera is never what you actually really see. Yes, occasionally I do enjoy SOOC (straight out of the camera) photos. But I don’t put too much of a premium on them.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I have enjoyed making them. Who knows, maybe they might even touch you in some way.

5 thoughts on “About Sofian

  1. Dear Mat-B,

    Can you private email me?Need a small favour, if it`s at all possible for you to entertain it.(Sorry, couldn`t locate your email addy)

    Much obliged,tomodachisan.

    • Dear Higashi-san

      I can’t private mail you as I lost your email address – all my data got vaporised when my hard disk crashed on the old computer. But you can reach me at sofian.abdulrahman@gmail.com

      We can take up the conversation from there. Hope to be hearing from you soon.

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